Featured Rescue Groups

There are two very important rescue groups featured in Riley Carson And The Cherokee Caves.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue is located in metro Atlanta and does great work rescuing dogs and cats.  Currently, animals are fostered by awesome volunteers and pulled from shelters across Georgia.  Megan knew there would be a rescue group in the novel, so instead of creating one, she reached out to AAUPR to see if she could use their name.  After reading the book, Angels Among Us was happy to lend their name since the book is a tool for educating the public about responsible pet ownership and animal welfare issues.

Learn more about Angels Among Us Pet Rescue here.

National Mill Dog Rescue is located in Colorado and their mission is to save dogs from commercial breeders or “puppy mills.”  After reading about NMDR and its founder, Theresa Strader, Megan was inspired, so much so, that she named a character in Riley Carson And The Cherokee Caves after Theresa’s first mill dog rescue, Lily.  Megan shares the mission of NMDR to put an end to puppy mills because dogs deserve so much better.

Learn more about National Mill Dog Rescue here.